Driving Assessments

Appointments for a Driving Assessment are made by return of a completed application form. Drivers would normally have either a valid Provisional or Full UK Licence. Please note, if a driver or potential driver does not have a licence we will be unable to see them for an assessment in a car. Please contact us to discuss other options that might be available.

The DVLA occasionally refer drivers with a ‘Provisional Disability Assessment Licence’ which is valid for assessment purposes only. Some drivers licences may have expired, if this is the case, please contact the centre to discuss.

This picture shows a Lodgesons combined steering aid, remote secondary control unit, on a steering wheel, being used by a person using their left hand. Another person’s hand is reaching in to assist that person.

Some clients are referred to us by Motability or the DVLA, who will pay for the assessments. However, many people refer themselves, or are referred by a healthcare professional e.g. their GP.  Fees are applicable, however, a client can have a subsidised rate if they download the healthcare professional referral form and arrange for it to be completed.  Please let us know, when sending in the application form, if the referral is to be made by a healthcare professional.

We strongly advise that you either arrange for someone to bring you to the assessment or arrange alternative transport.

Assessment Vehicles

We have a small fleet of assessment vehicles including standard manual and automatic transmission vehicles.  All are fitted with dual controls for safety purposes (ours and yours).

We have several vehicles with specific adaptations for you to try should you need to.

Assessment Locations

We provide most of our assessments at our main site in Fishponds, Bristol, however, we also provide outreach services at the following locations:

· Yeovil

You can request an assessment at the location most convenient for you, but please bear in mind that there is often a long waiting list for our outreach services and some types of assessment can only be provided at the main Bristol Centre.

On the left is a picture showing a person using a steering ball in the left hand and a push-pull hand control accelerator brake in the right. The middle picture shows a young man using a free-standing Brig Ayd demonstration rig and the Driving Advisors hand pointing to the rig. The equipment is in one of our assessment rooms with a red armchair in the background. The picture on the top half is of someone using a Lodgesons combined steering aid remote secondary control unit, on a steering wheel, with their left hand. One finger is touching the controls on the control unit. Under that is a picture of 7 members of Driving and Mobility staff standing outside the front entrance of The Vassall Centre.

Assessment Process

Your assessment will be in two parts. A Pre-Drive Consultation, including vision Check, physical movements and Cognitive Testing if appropriate, and an In-Car Practical Assessment.

Pre-Drive Consultation

The assessment team (an Occupational Therapist or Driving Advisor) will gather information from you which is relevant to driving prior to your  practical assessment. We will ask you about your driving and licence history, and details will be sought about your medical history along with the circumstances leading up to your referral. If appropriate, physical movements for driving purposes will be considered and adaptation options discussed.

Licence Check

We may need to contact the DVLA by telephone (with you present) to confirm your licence status.

Vision Check

You will be asked to read a number plate at the minimum legal distance (20m). It may also be appropriate to use Keystone eye screening equipment. Please consider visiting an optician before your assessment for confirmation that your vision meets the standard for driving, for both visual acuity and visual fields (peripheral vision).

It will not be possible to drive on the day if you are unable to read a number plate at the required distance.

Cognitive Testing

For some assessments, it is useful to undertake office based cognitive, psychometric testing before the drive. This part of the assessment is important when there are concerns about a driver’s cognition (thinking skills) or if a particular diagnosis may have an impact on these abilities. The tests used have been chosen with driving in mind and are relevant to that task. They are conducted by the Occupational Therapist. Even if a driver performs poorly with this part of the assessment, the practical on-road part of the assessment will take place.

In-Car Assessment

Appropriate PPE may be used.

Every effort will be made to make you feel comfortable and at ease driving one of the Centre’s vehicles. All are dual controlled for safety and insurance purposes. We have both manual and automatic cars, with a variety of vehicle adaptations if required. We understand that the car will be unfamiliar to you, so time is allocated at the beginning of the on-road assessment for you to get used to the car.

The drive will progress onto a pre-planned assessment route and will last approximately forty minutes. The route is designed to include normal day-to-day challenges such as dual carriageways, roundabouts, urban high street situations along with some very straightforward manoeuvring. The assessment may include an emergency stop exercise, but does not include Motorway driving.

Throughout the driving assessment, the Driving Advisor will give clear directional instructions. The Team understand that many of our clients are not familiar with the area.

There will not be a Highway Code test as such, however, you will be expected to keep to the speed limits and react to all road traffic signs and markings appropriately.

The aim of the drive is to support the driver in continuing to drive or return to driving if safe to do so. Many experienced drivers over the years develop habits both good and bad, providing these habits or driving styles are safe, this will not have an impact on the outcome of the assessment.

Feedback Session

Advice and recommendations will be given verbally following the drive.

However, not all assessments are completed on the same day. You may be asked to come back following some driving lessons or visual field testing to complete the assessment.


We do ask for full payment of the fee with your application form. If you are referred by your Doctor or a healthcare professional, the fee may be subsidised.


Please note that our reports cannot be used for medico-legal purposes, or litigation.