Accessible Travel Support

If driving has never been or is no longer an option due to a medical condition, disability or frailty, our Hubs Mobility Advice Service can provide free bespoke travel advice and information. Our aim is to keep people independently mobile and just because you may not drive, you should still be able to travel to wherever you wish to go.

Our West of England Mobility Hub is just one of many that make up a nationwide network of mobility hubs that provide the Hubs Mobility Advice Service. This service is funded by the Department for Transport. If you would like further advice please call our Centre or email:

Please note, this service is not a journey planning or booking service. We offer free impartial advice only regarding suitable accessible travel options. All information and advice given or published is correct at the time of entry but operators may regularly update or withdraw services. You should always check with the operator prior to travelling.

Have a look at the following video for further insight: